clear and clarify treatment box

Title :

deep cleanse and unclog pores

Oily and combination skins have excess oil and dead skin cells that build up over time. This leaves skin congested and looking dull. Regular exfoliation helps to remove the build-up of oil and dead skin cells and increases levels of hydration.

This at-home treatment will balance the skin by reducing excess sebum and boosting hydration for clearer skin.


Treatment Box Composition:

  • 1 x precleanse sample
  • 1 x dermal clay cleanser trial 30 ml
  • 1 x daily superfoliant trail 14gm
  • 1 x charcoal rescue masque trail 22ml
  • 1 x hydrablur primer trail 7ml
  • 2 x active moist sample
  • 1 x prisma protect spf30 sample
  • 1 x stress positive trail 6ml
  • 1 x headband
  • 1 x face sponge
  • 2 x cotton pads



Deep cleanses to remove impurities, excess oil and refine skin texture. Refreshes and rejuvenates skin while sealing in moisture with a lightweight moisturizer. Hydrates and boosts skin’s natural luminosity for visibly smooth skin