nourish and hydrate

Title :

nourish and hydrate

moisturize dry and stressed skin

Dry skin naturally lacks a strong lipid barrier; this means you do not have enough natural lipids to maintain optimal skin health. Dry skin can be aggravated by extremes in climate, a stressful lifestyle and inappropriate product use.

This at-home skin treatment will nourish, shield and comfort your dry skin and restore your natural lipid barrier.


Treatment Box Composition:

  • 1 x precleanse sample
  • 1 x intensive moisture cleanser trail 14ml
  • 1 x daily superfoliant trail 14gm
  • 1 x slin hydrating masque 22ml
  • 1 x invisible physical defense sample
  • 1 x stress positive eye trail 6ml
  • 1 x intensive moisture balance trail 7ml
  • 1 x dermalogica head band
  • 1 x disposable sponge
  • 2 x cotton pads



deep cleanses to remove impurities, refine skin texture and enhances the penetration of age-fighting vitamins, leaving skin feeling smoother, cleaner & more

nourished visibly increases radiance, reduces the signs of skin ageing and promotes deep, restful sleep for healthier-looking skin